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For Pioneering and Adventurous Spirits

NorCal Yachts is excited to offer the Dufour brand to Northern California. At first glance, you can see how well they’re designed for comfortable and luxurious cruising, making sailing not only pure pleasurable but safe and secure at all times.

Dufour delivers sailing lovers the feeling of ultimate freedom, safety and luxury. For over 60 year, Dufour yachts has been building elegant, fast cruising yachts for sailors looking for more.

Let us show you the DUFOUR difference. Contact us for a viewing.

Dufour 430 Arrives April 2020
New Dufour 530 Launches April 2020

Charter Yacht Placement

Charter Yacht Placement

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Enjoy the yachting lifestyle and reduce the cost of boat ownership by up to 50%.

If your desire is to make boating part of your lifestyle, and you can benefit from the generous tax advantages of operating your boat as a business, charter yacht placement is for you.

Dufour History

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The Polyester Revolution

In 1957, young engineer Michel Dufour discovered the new material, polyester. At the time, he was a keen competition sailor with a real passion for yachts, class rules and hydrodynamics. This sparked his idea to build a yacht made of polyester. In 1964, Michel Dufour started to design the “Sylphe” transportable yacht. He took a lot of financial risks to make the yacht, rented a hangar and started to make the “Sylphe” under the aegis of his newly formed company, Le Stratifié Industriel.