Charter Placement

Benefits of Charter Placement

Enjoy a Yachting Lifestyle – Reduce the Cost of Boat Ownership

If you desire to make boating part of your lifestyle and are trying to decide on how you’ll balance sailing time and other life commitments with ownership costs, charter placement is a great way to have it all.

Use your boat on your time as it comes available and have it making money when you’re not using it. There are many different kinds of programs to consider from local bareboat to skippered programs, to international placement in the warm waters of the world.

Through charter placement, owners have found a way to accomplish their ownership goal by taking advantage of the income and tax benefits offered by charter placement and lowering the cost of ownership.

Local Fleet Placement

A Yacht Close to Home

Owning a yacht in a local charter program helps you maintain an active business participation and makes sure you get onboard to keep the operations of your business running smoothly. We have two programs locally that we can recommend, either a skippered charter fleet or our bay Area fleet, Tradewinds Sailing School and Club.

Your choice should be made on a number of factors, and we can provide you with enough information and direction to help you choose.

International Charter Placement

If you’re considering international placement, we have exclusive partnerships with one of the largest charter fleets in the world. Choose from 11 international locations and three ownership plans.